Why are Antique Ceramic Dolls so Popular?

Doll collecting is not something new in today's society. It is something that dates back to before any of us on this planet can ever remember. But what makes collecting dolls so popular? And where exactly is it that these collectibles come from? These are questions that all collectors should ask themselves before purchasing antique ceramic dolls. When starting any type of collection it is self-satisfying to know the items complete history on its origin and popularity.

In today's world the two most collectible dolls on the market are ceramic china dolls and bisque dolls. The bisque dolls are the ceramic pieces that are not given a glaze after touch. Because of the absense of glaze on bisque dolls, it gives them an appearance of having real human skin. These particular dolls come from all areas of the world, but mainly produced in Europe. Back in the 1900's, Europe was actually one of the lead sellers of bisque dolls amongst the country. Soon after creating these brilliant little masterpieces, Europe starte distrbuting these dolls to all countries, including the United States.

The popularity of these dolls comes from the products being 100% handmade. Meaning that each and every ceramic doll create has its own unique look that no other doll on the earth acquires. Because of the unique, rare appreance of ceramic dolls, they are very easy to collect without having bought the same exact item as you have before. If by any chance you may think you found a duplicate, look a little closer and you will be bound to finding the smallest difference, whether it be in the number of freckles or the way the dolls hair is styled.

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