Collecting Antique Ceramic Vases

Over thousands of years, artists have been creating beautiful ceramic pieces. Many of these have been in the form of vases. These items were created specifically to be show pieces for homes or official venues where they would exemplify the wealth of a person or culture. Crafted by hand, these pieces were often commissioned by the best artists available at the time. There are a great many styles from different cultures available in this fascinating area of ceramics.

Narrowing the field for collecting these items is important for the collector who is just beginning. Taking the time to do research is the first step. Ancient cultures in China and Japan often produced some of the most beautiful ceramic vases. Their artisans were highly skilled and many pieces remain today. This is just one area of the world with distinctive vases, and learning about different eras and techniques will help determine what to collect.

European countries produced their share of decorative vases as well. Artisans from many countries mastered this beautiful ceramic form and produced many collectibles that are now antiques. Delft vases are stunning with their depth of color, especially in blue. The French produced vases that were extremely ornate in form. The ancient Italians loved a selection of bright colors that are reflected in the vases produced by their civilization.

Each ancient culture that worked with ceramics had their own distinct styles and shapes. Colors were added according to ingredients available. This factor alone determined many of the typical decorations of any culture. Collecting antique ceramic vases requires learning about the civilization that produced them. Starting with one culture at a time is a good way to get to know quality ceramic antiques. Over time, the works of other cultures can be studied and sought by the advanced collector.