Mystery of Antique Collections


How to Start Your Own Antique Collection

You have to start somewhere.  Perhaps you are restricted by your budget or you don't have any favoured niches.

What Will You be Collecting?

There are so many options to antique collecting that it is almost mind blowing. Before choosing one particular item to collect be sure to do some research on the value of the items and how rare they are to find. When you are just starting an antique collection, you want to start off with something simple and easy to find. Below is a brief list of antique items that are among the most popular collectibles.

China Ware
Ceramic Dolls (bisque and regular ceramic dolls with gloss)
Furniture (Dressers, chairs, tables and hutches)
Train Sets
Silver Trophys
Biscuit Tins

Once you have figured out what particular type of antiques you will be collecting, you can than start on your journey to searching for new unique items to add to your collection. Some excellent places to search for antiques are on online selling and bidding sites, local antique shops and even at flea markets. The great thing about purchasing antique products, is that sometimes the owner is not aware of the items worth and you end up getting excellent deals for an expensive piece. Always be sure to go over any antique item before purchasing it, just to be sure that what you are getting is a good quality, legitimate antique item.