Learning to Define Antiques

Collectors generally specialize in one or two areas that excite their passion, and they work to learn everything they can about it. For some, the draw is antique furniture that was crafted by hand centuries ago. Other people find their passion lies in the realm of antiquated machinery that includes cars. No matter what their passion, the best collectors in each area of antiques have worked hard to learn everything they can about the items they buy, sell, trade and keep.

It might seem that anything old should be classed as an antique, but that is untrue. Different items reach that class at different times, and it is largely due to their ability to wear well through the ages. Cars and trucks are considered to be classed as antiques once they have reached the twenty-five year mark, and it is because many of them do not survive that many years without careful maintenance. Furniture that was crafted by masters holds up well through the years, so its useful life is much longer. Fifty to a hundred years is the range for it.

Every single type of item has its own number of years before its value is raised by being classified, so it is important for those who want to become collectors or investors to learn everything they can. The value of an item does depend mainly upon its age in the beginning, but the amount of wear and tear it has suffered will also affect its worth. Learning how to spot damage with the naked eye can make or break the budget.

While there are generally few specific classes for potential collects to take, there are experts who are willing to share their knowledge. Many of them write books, and others give lectures the general public is welcome to attend.